Q. Can anyone be a Group Leader of a Charis Bible Study?

A. No…Group Leaders of Charis Bible Studies are certified by Charis Bible College.

Q. Can I start a Charis Bible Study internationally?

A. Unfortunately, we are only able to start Bible Studies within South Africa. The team in Colorado are however working on making studies available internationally.

Q. Do attendees have to pay a fee to attend a study?

A. No, there is no fee for attendees to attend a Charis Bible Study.

Q. Do attendees receive “credit(s)” for completing studies?

A. No credits toward Charis Bible College are given, however, if you would like to give a “certificate of completion” to your attendees who complete the study, that is up to you.

Q. Do I have to have an established group to start a study?

A. No. You may start a Charis Bible Study with people you already have established in a group. However, we will notify you to let you know if there are other people who want to attend your group.

Q. Do I have to provide copies of lessons for attendees?

A. No. You can choose to make copies or you can send the lesson handouts to group participants from the CD Rom located in the front of the study guide.

Q. How far in advance do I plan my next study?

A. 4 – 6 weeks. This will give us time to process the details of your study, and send you the next study guide. It will also give us time to time to publish your study, which will give the public time to find and register for your study.

Q. When or why would an attendee be withdrawn from a study?

A. If an attendee misses class for three consecutive weeks without explanation, then the Group Leader has the option of withdrawing that attendee so that a potential attendee on the waiting list may join your study. The Group Leader should notify the withdrawn attendee via email or phone to let them know that they have been withdrawn from your group.
An attendee may also be withdrawn from a study for unacceptable or disruptive behaviour.